Ford EcoBoost Engines

For a long time, it was generally thought that power and efficiency in a vehicle could not coexist. The two were seen as opposing forces. However, Ford proved this to be a myth with the introduction of a piece of engineering genius: the Ford EcoBoost Engine.

Introduced in 2009, the Ford EcoBoost Engine has been blowing away expectations ever since. It is able to achieve the horsepower and torque of larger engines, all while achieving new levels of efficiency: It is able to achieve 20% better fuel efficiency and a 15% reduction in emissions than the standard engine.

The family of EcoBoost engines is growing larger every year. From the earliest models to ones in production, each engine is designed to provide the power needed for the vehicle it is equipped to.

Several vehicles in Ford's fleet can come equipped with the EcoBoost Engine, from the popular Ford Fusion to the powerful Ford F-150.

Ford is creating newer, more efficient ways to provide the power that drivers need with the EcoBoost Engine! If you want to test drive one of the many vehicles that are powered by EcoBoost engines, like the Ford Mustang, Ford Escape, Ford Fusion, or Ford Explorer, visit Marketplace Ford in Devils Lake, ND