Best Ford Vehicles for Snow

2016 Ford Escape cruises around in the snow, noted as one of the best Ford vehicles for snow.

Ford vehicles are known for their durability and safety in any weather. Here are some of Ford’s best vehicles for driving in the snow.

Ford Explorer

Ford’s most popular SUV, the Explorer is the SUV to buy for off-road adventures across the country and over every terrain with your family, so of course it performs well in the snow thanks to its Intelligent 4-Wheel Drive and lots of driver assist features.

Ford Escape

The Escape is also available with an Intelligent 4-Wheel Drive system that lets the driver have more control over the vehicle on wet and slippery roads like when it snows.

Ford Edge

Another great SUV from Ford, the Edge has a host of safety features like adaptive steering, a Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), parking assist, and a 180-degree camera. Particularly helpful in snowy weather is the Lane-Keeping System that will help get you back on track if you slide a little on the snow. The Edge also comes with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive.

Ford Flex

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, Backup Assist with rear-view camera, and smart features like BLIS, rain-sensing wipers, and Forward Collision Warning all help make the Flex one of the safest vehicles on the road, especially in the snow.

Ford Fusion

You don’t have to get an SUV to drive safely in the winter! Even the Ford Fusion, a sedan, performs well in the snow. Available with All-Wheel Drive and sitting high enough up for SUV-like visibility, the Fusion is as good as any car for snow driving.

Whatever you’re looking for in your perfect snow car, you’ll find it in one of Ford’s diverse lineup. From the modern styling of the Flex to the compact size of the Fusion to the versatility of the Explorer, Ford has something for everyone.